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Congratulations! You’ve completed your first step to selling food on!

The rest is relatively simple, but were still going to walk you through it.


Getting Set Up!

Now that you’ve created an account and confirmed your email, it’s time to update your profile.

Add a picture to show other users who the chef behind the great meal is!

Say something about yourself to give others an idea of who you are and your style of cooking!

Add your location, this makes it quicker and easier to post meals for sale as it will already be filled in for you!


Now connect your PayPal account so that you can be accept payments. Here, you’ll need to do 2 things:


1.     Connect your paypal account to (clicking the link will bring you to the PayPal login where you will log into your account or signup for one

    - You will then be asked to grant permission to the Kouzina marketplace. The PayPal page will outline what is being granted.


2.     Once you connect your PayPal account to kouzina, you will be redirected back to where you will have to grant permission for a transaction fee to be charged (by Kouzina)


In order to accept payments from non-paypal users, (for example those paying directly using a credit card and not a PayPal account) you will need to upgrade to a PayPal Business account, this is a free and quick process, and there are no additional costs involved. We highly recommend upgrading to a PayPal Business account to make the most out of your meals on!


You can create a new PayPal account or upgrade an existing account to a PayPal Business account by going to


That’s It! You’re ready to go!

Now go and share your meals with your city!



Posting Meals:


To post a meal, press the "post a meal" button in the top right corner of the home page and select a category based on what you are offering, and the time it is being offered.

- The listing title is the title of your post and the first thing other users will see when they view your ad.

- Add your own price, right under it will calculate how much will be deducted based on kouzina’s transaction fee. Note there is also a PayPal processing fee that will be deducted that is not calculated in the kouzina fee.

- Provide a description of your dish, how it was prepared, where the recipe came from and anything else you think is important or relevant to share.

- Select the date that the meal will be available on and the time for pickup.

- Select an ending time for the “pickup window” for example if the pickup time is 6:00pm and the dish may be picked up for 2 hours, set “Pick-up until” to 8:00 pm.

- Check any boxes that may apply.

- Select the type of cuisine you are offering, as well as the city you are in the the neighbourhood.

- Add your exact location if it is not already showing.

- Finally, add some quality pictures of your meal in order to grab the attention of other users. This is a very crucial part of the post, the more appetizing the meal looks the more likely people are to purchase it. 

NOTE: Pictures of the dish must be taken by the person cooking and selling it on, pictures that are not of the actual offering are not permitted.


Press save listing and voila! You’ve successfully setup your account and posted your first meal for sale! Now just keep an eye on your inbox for messages and your PayPal for sales! A purchase is not accepted until you accept the transaction through your PayPal.


Some Tips:

Communicate with users, others may have questions or concerns about a dish you are offering. Speak with others before initiating a transaction.

Read feedback and reviews left by others, while the recipes are your own take constructive criticism to improve your dishes

See what’s cooking in your area, maybe you have a unique dish to offer, be one of a kind!

Keep in mind that the users on this site are looking for a quality home-cooked meal and you should only serve a dish if you would be comfortable serving it to yourself and your family.

And remember, love isn’t the secret ingredient in a great meal, passion is.


Happy Cooking, Happy Eating

Welcome to Kouzina (:


- Nick