Paleo Fish Taco Wraps - gluten-free, nutritionist made

Meet your health goals this year! Paleo, Halal, gluten free, sugar free, loaded with fresh veggies and protein, this dish will wow you! All the flavour of fish tacos without the carbs. Accompanied by incredible homemade coleslaw. Minimum 2 servings/ meals (choose between any of my meals) per order. (more photos coming!) Serving containers hold 2lbs.

Please contact me in advance to order so I know how much to purchase and prepare!

This meal is:

- gluten free

- sugar free

- low carb

- Halal

- full of cooked and raw veg

- full of fibre

- high in complete protein

- paleo

- diabetic friendly

What sets me apart?

- licensed orthomolecular nutritionist - meals are nutritionally balanced

- all surfaces disinfected prior to cooking, hair up when cooking, hands clean, sinks clean, zero contamination

- all Halal meat (if not pork dish)

- all dishes gluten, wheat, and sugar free

- all dishes use only the best quality grapeseed, avocado, or olive oil (butter in cream sauces)

- zero plastic used in cooking or for containers

- only stainless steel and ceramic surfaces used in cooking

- only sea salt, liquid aminos, and fresh, homemade spices used - no MSG or other weird additives

Pick-up Time: 3:30 PM
Pick-up until: : 9pm
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Contains Nuts
Gluten Free
Cuisine : American
City / Neighbourhood : Uptown
Date Available : Feb 15, 2018
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