Vegetarian Falafel & Quinoa Tabbouleh Dinner - gluten-free

Vegetarian, high protein, gluten and sugar free Halal quinoa tabbouleh served with gluten free falafels and fresh, gluten free roasted garlic hummus. A healthy vegetarian option, full of veggies and protein! Great for dinner or lunches. Minimum order of 2 meals (any of my meals) per order. Serving containers hold 2lbs.

Please order in advance so I know how much to make!

This meal is:

- gluten free

- sugar free

- full of veg

- full of fibre

- high in complete protein

- diabetic friendly

What sets me apart?

- licensed orthomolecular nutritionist - meals are nutritionally balanced

- all surfaces disinfected prior to cooking, hair up when cooking, hands clean, sinks clean, zero contamination

- all Halal meat (if not pork dish)

- all dishes gluten, wheat, and sugar free

- all dishes use only the best quality grapeseed, avocado, or olive oil (butter in cream sauces)

- zero plastic used in cooking or for containers

- only stainless steel and ceramic surfaces used in cooking

- only sea salt, liquid aminos, and fresh, homemade spices used - no MSG or other weird additives

Pick-up Time: 3:30 PM
Pick-up until: : 9pm
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Contains Nuts
Gluten Free
Cuisine : Middle-Eastern
City / Neighbourhood : Uptown
Date Available : Feb 15, 2018
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