OMG Haystacks - gluten and dairy free, low sugar

These no bake treats are rich, decadent, all natural, high in healthy fat, low in sugar, and high in protein. They melt in your mouth and are more delicious and chocolatey than any store bought brownie or bar! Everyone who's tried them absolutely raves! You can eat them as a pre or post workout treat for a real boost that is a LOT healthier than most commercial shakes and bars!! 30 per 15 large haystacks. Available by pre-order only. They are freezer storable with no deterioration in taste for 3 months.

This treat is:

- gluten free

- dairy free

- low sugar (only contains palm sugar)

- full of protein

- full of fibre

- high in antioxidants from the dark cacao powder

- comparitively low carb (compared to normal treats)

- low glycemic

- Halal

What sets me apart?

- licensed orthomolecular nutritionist - meals are nutritionally balanced, snacks are healthier - with only the healthiest ingredients

- all surfaces disinfected prior to cooking, hair up when cooking, hands clean, sinks clean, zero contamination

- all dishes use only the best quality grapeseed, avocado, or olive oil (butter in cream sauces)

- zero plastic used in cooking or for containers

- only stainless steel and ceramic surfaces used in cooking

- only sea salt, liquid aminos, and fresh, homemade spices used - no MSG or other weird additives

Pick-up Time: 3:30 PM
Pick-up until: : 9pm
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Contains Nuts
Gluten Free
Cuisine : American
City / Neighbourhood : Uptown
Date Available : Feb 15, 2018
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