Information about Kouzina




What is Kouzina?

Kouzina is an online marketplace which facilitates the buying and selling of home-made food. 


Where is Kouzina available?

Kouzina is currently available in Toronto and the GTA! We’ll be expanding to more cities very soon! Let us know where you want Kouzina next by emailing us at!


How do I buy food?

Check out what’s available on the homepage, place an order online and pickup the meal at the designated location and given time!


How do I sell food?

Decide what to cook, create a post, accept orders and prepare your food to be picked up! 

More info on selling food on Kouzina here


Are Cooks Vetted?

No, cooks are not vetted. Kouzina relies on reviews made by our user community to make sure the best cooks get the most exposure, see what other users have to say about a cook or dish to help you decide! This is why we encourage users to leave reviews after every interaction!


How and when do I pay for the food?

You pay for your food when you order it (prior to pickup), this is done to reserve your serving. The Cook must accept the order through PayPal before the transaction is processed. You can pay with your debit card or debit card through our PayPal payment gateway.


Where and when do I pick up the food i ordered?

Time and place of pickup should be listed in each posting. We recommend you contact the seller before ordering to confirm this. This can be done using our messaging feature on our site and app.


What happens if an order is put in too late?

If an order is put in too late, the Cook should not accept it and no money will be transferred to them. A meal is not ordered until the payment is accepted by the Cook. This is why we recommend sending a message to the Cook through to determine if portions are still available or if it is too late to order.


 What happens if someone is late to pickup or doesnt show up?

This is left to the discretion of the cook, they may choose to wait for you and allow you to pick up your order beyond the allotted pickup window but, they are not obligated to do so or provide a refund in that case. There are 2 reasons for this: 1, the food has already been made and the cost has been incurred to the cook, they have not only spent their money on ingredients for the meal you ordered but, they have also spent their time preparing it. And 2, Cooks may have other obligations outside of cooking and selling food on Kouzina, as Cooks set their own times/ pickup windows and may not be available outside of such.


What if I want to cancel my order?

We recommend reaching out to the cook as soon as possible, this is up to the cook’s discretion.


What happens if I am unhappy with my meal?

 We recommend reaching out to the Cook first to see if a resolution can be reached. If your issue remains unresolved, disputes regarding payment can be handled through PayPal since they are the payment gateway provider and have control over the transactions. If you are unhappy with the flavour of the food you can also leave a review to let others know about your experience, but please keep in mind that food flavouring may be subjective and since cooks are using their own recipes, flavours and the use of spices, seasonings etc is left to the chef’s discretion. But, if what you received was not what was promised, a different item completely or misleading or unsafely prepared (undercooked etc) first try to reach out to the cook to resolve the issue (they may be understanding or it may have been an honest mistake) we strongly recommend everyone to leave reviews on matter the experience, this is a community run site, tells others about your experience with that cook/dish. If no resolution is reached, look to PayPal to file a claim. Let us know if you believe that a cook is doing something unsafe or misleading buyers with their posts.


Do you offer delivery?

At the current time we do not offer delivery, but it is a feature we would like to add in the future!


How can I stay up to date with Kouzina?


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I want to write about Kouzina

Coolio! Send us an email at!


My question wasn’t answered here…

Sorry to hear that! Please feel free to send us an email at and we’ll do the best we can to answer it for you!


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